Offbeat Unicorn

For those who like unicorns with sharp hooves and mystery

Hi, I’m Katherine. I started Offbeat Unicorn as a way to indulge my love of unicorns. But, you know, not sappy unicorns. Cool unicorns. Weird unicorns. Offbeat unicorns.

Offbeat Unicorn is for people who like unicorns…and like thinking about them. The site will feature unicorn book reviews, cool images of unicorns through time, and some musings on unicorns in pop culture.

Is a unicorn like a horse? A goat? A whale? A dragon? A rhino? Is it friendly or is it antisocial? Is it wise, proud, fierce, gentle, vain? Are unicorns “childish” or “girly” or “feminine” or “masculine” or “queer”? Do unicorns now act or look similar to unicorns in the past? Are they a way for companies to make a lot of money, spiritual icons, or symbols of unbridled imagination?

Read on and find out!

Ps. My unicorn novel for teens, The Changeling of Fenlen Forest, features uncanny doubles, time-travelling unicorns, and irresistible romance. It was longlisted for the 2020 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic in the Young Adult division. Find out more about it here:

and here:

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