Offbeat Unicorn

For those who like unicorns with sharp hooves and mystery

Did you know that there is a “Unicorn crestfish”? Eumecichthys fiski is a real, though rare species lurking off the coast of South Africa and Australia, 1000 metres deep.

Check out this beauty:

Head of a Unicorn Crestfish, Eumecichthys fiski. Source: Eric Woroch, US NMFS-PIRO Observer Program / Wikimedia Commons. License: Public Domain

Encyclopaedia Britannica notes that they are “herbivorous algae eaters.” while Fishes of Australia describes their exciting superpower: “As a defence against predators, the Unicorn Crestfish can expel black fluid from around the anus.” Much better than farting rainbows.

For more on this species, check out:

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